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  • Jenny Howarth

A Day in the Life - Mini Magoos Class Leader!

My day starts pretty much the same as any other working Mummy!

We usually tend to have an early start as getting set up and ready to welcome our parents to class is super important. My little one heads to breakfast club and I head to our venue to start!

A big part of the set up routine is cleaning and ensuring all our equipment is in good working order. And then its all down to making our sessions looking pretty, with lots of treasures for our babies to explore.

We run 3-4 fun filled sessions per day! Jam packed with fun, imagination, music and smiles. No matter your mood when you get up that day - you never leave without a smile after seeing our babies all having so much fun.

Then its time to pack away as I head on off for the school run at 3pm. Being able to pick my little girl up from school everyday was a non-negotiable part of my life. I wanted her to feel that we are a part of her school experience and being able to chat about her day on the walk home is invaluable! It wont last forever, so until she gets too cool to be seen with mum...

Fancy this being your day? Get in touch and find out how you can have your own part of Mini Magoos!

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