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  • Jenny Howarth

Did someone say work/life balance...?

Work/life balance - is that actually a real thing? Can you close your eyes and imagine what you life would be like if you actually did?

It's something not many people can imagine as its such an alien concept. It certainly was to me coming from a corporate background, working long hours and having the expectation to work long hours to be seen to be productive! How was this ever going to work when I became a parent? Would I always miss bedtime? Would I be constantly losing my entire wage to childcare costs?

But now, its a different story. Owning my own business has allowed me to expand my family time. I'm there for school pick ups, half terms and as many school concerts and activities as I can to support my daughter. This is something that I never would have thought possible with a regular 9-5 position. And lets face it - life is too short to suffer with the guilt!

My friends are regularly envious of the fact I have no upper echelons of management to navigate and don't have to adhere to any management red tape! The freedom to choose when to work is totally up to me and is worth its weight in gold! I honestly have no idea how we would manage it without the flexibility my role ensures. Especially as now we are about to head into full time education, who can take 6 week off work in the summer?!?

Owning a Mini Magoos Sensory Play Franchise will allow you the flexibility to work as and when you choose, which most popularly can be in line with school hours during term time! The dream contract!

Head to the Download section of our website to grab a copy of the prospectus and become a part of something special.

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