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  • Jenny Howarth

What has COVID-19 lockdown taught us?

Now, i'm definitely not the first person that is going to say i have learnt a new language, developed a new hobby or painted a replica of the Sistine Chapel on my garden shed! I have a three year old, just making it through the day without a breakdown is usually enough to celebrate! (There has been little celebration!)

However, I have been amazingly grateful for the time with my little whirlwind before she starts full time school in September. My plans to take a six week break from work in the summer have just came a little early. But, i have also stepped back and realised how lucky i was in the first place to be able to decide to take that break in the first place! How many other professions allow you to justify taking some time off to spend with your best friend?

Lots of people will now be wondering how we can make some permanent changes to their lifestyle to make this method of working and family time ethos a part of their daily life!

And becoming the owner of your own business is the perfect way to do that. Join us at Mini Magoos and make those positive changes to your lifestyle. Plan today what you will be doing tomorrow.

Download our prospectus and book your discovery call ASAP!

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