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  • Jenny Howarth

What is a franchise and why invest?

If you have always dreamed about owning a business, but have always been fearful of taking the plunge and going it alone - a franchise could be for you!

But why invest in a franchise?

1. Low Failure Rate!

When you purchase a franchise you purchase an established concept that has already proven to be successful!

2. Business Assistance!

Support and nurture to a new business owner is invaluable. Prevention from rookie mistakes will help you succeed to your maximum potential even quicker!

3. A Recognisable Brand!

You are already becoming part of an established brand. Something that is already been seen by your target audience!

4. Marketing!

You are buying into a marketing team ensuring there is a wider marketing campaign to help your product stay in the public eye without you lifting a finger!

5. No Business Experience Required!

Lots of franchises offer well practiced training programs to ensure you have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips!

Book a discovery call wit Jenny today and find our more about the Mini Magoos Sensory Play franchise package!

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