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  • Jenny Howarth

Why Mini Magoos?

Almost three years ago I made the gut wrenching decision to head into the realms of self employment. It was scary and I didn't have a clue what I was doing. But, I knew what I did want... I wanted to have a job that I absolutely loved enough to justify leaving my daughter everyday. 🥰 I wanted a job that allowed me to work flexibly around my family and to maximise my time with them while still making a living! So I made one... I was sick of nursery rhymes (they are very minimal at Magoos!) I wanted a place where I could relax as a mum. A place where everyone celebrated the wins and had an opportunity to connect! I'm also partial to a chocolate biscuit.... 🍫🍪☕ I wanted a class that was for me as much as it was for my baby! So I made one... I get to share my vision, hopes and dreams with so many people now! And I'm now also an employer! I hopefully get to make those things happen for someone else too! How exciting! 👏 One day Elsie, you will be old enough to see that all of this was for you ❤️ Thank you original Magoo!

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